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UCLA grad, English Major, animal lover, especially pitties and Chihuahuas, am a firm believer in always adopting, never buying pets. Hobbies include reading (love mystery novels with female Protagonists, a guilty pleasure), music (everything from classical to country-pop), movies, ocean, travel and, obviously, my wonderful workhorse computer. old cars (especially GTO Judges) and lastly, speed in any form; boats, cars, motorcycles.

Lies Perpetrated On Women in the 50+ Age Range

Invisibility:  Women will comprise 55% of the over 57 million baby boomers in 2030.  There will be enough women of our age range to make our voices heard and more and more women are doing just that, for example, unequal … Continue reading

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How to Show Off Your Waist and Create the Illusion of having a Hourglass Figure

Did you know that accentuating your waist can take 10 pounds off your body visually?  Or, it’s also a great way to take the eye away from other areas you would like to camouflage.

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3 Different Ways To Update Your Wardrobe This Weekend

Don’t hide behind jeans as usual but wear something that will put a bounce in your step this weekend.  When you’re shopping do you pass on dresses you love but feel are too short for you.  Try a tunic or … Continue reading

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How to Instantly Boost Your Energy In 8 Easy Steps

Did you know that yawning cools down your brain?  Wakes your brain up?  So yawn away. After a 10-minute walk you will feel energized for two hours.

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Steps to Keeping Your Hands Smooth and Youthful

I hate my hands.  In fact, my hands look like they belong to two different women, my left to a woman 10 years older than the right one.  Okay, so I don’t always follow the advice from my research.  My … Continue reading

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Checking out the Wen Hair Care Product Line

At first it was the price that kept me from ordering the Wen System but the commercials convinced me that I really, really needed it.  My hair is shiny, somewhat manageable, but I wanted spectacular.  After all, I owe it to … Continue reading

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I’m Back, Again……

One of the worst things you can do when you have a blog and I love my blog, is to drop it for any length of time. Which, if you’ve been checking, is actually what I have done recently? I … Continue reading

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Using Serums to Repair Damage to Your Skin

Now that the summer season is over, it is the optimum time to repair the uneven skin tone and discoloration. Towards that end, there are many excellent serums that remove dark spots and repair all that sun damage you incurred lying on the beach. These products even brighten up your skin tone while correcting these problems. Continue reading

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Foods that Speed Up the Aging Process

When I saw this list of foods to delete from your grocery list 1) I wasn’t surprised and 2) I wanted to cry because, except for the carbonated sodas, they are some of my favorites.  Who doesn’t love fried chicken, … Continue reading

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Repairing Your Aging Eye Area

In a 2012 survey, women ranked in order their best features as No. 1 eye, No. 2 breasts, and No. 3 brain.  In yet another survey, women said that they would accept gray hair permanently in exchange for eradicating wrinkles … Continue reading

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