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UCLA grad, English Major, animal lover, especially pitties and Chihuahuas, am a firm believer in always adopting, never buying pets. Hobbies include reading (love mystery novels with female Protagonists, a guilty pleasure), music (everything from classical to country-pop), movies, ocean, travel and, obviously, my wonderful workhorse computer. old cars (especially GTO Judges) and lastly, speed in any form; boats, cars, motorcycles.

Nine Top Tips For a Long and Healthy Life

While heredity does play a part in a long and healthy life and having parents that can pass that along to you is great, but you have no control over that aspect of your life.  However, you still can play … Continue reading

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Rehabilitation for Your Complexion, 5 Destructive Practices To Stop

Can I stress this too strongly!!  Use sunscreen whenever you leave the house, no matter what the weather, sunny or overcast.  And don’t neglect your eye area.  Ensure that you are applying sunscreen around your eyes especially the brow bone, … Continue reading

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Move Over BB Cream, CC Cream is Coming To Town

Just when everyone was talking about BB Cream, another cream has come on the market, Color Control cream, commonly known as CC Cream.

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Hope your season was a happy one spent with loved ones. Hope the New Year brings you  peace, happiness and joy. Thank you for reading my blogs and visiting my website, you’re very important to me. God Bless

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AvoidThese 8 Mistakes If You want Healthy, Luxurious Hair

Shampooing Every Day:  Washing your hair every other day or even every third day allows your scalp oils to reach your ends which gives you the healthy look you want.  If washing every other day is not enough for you … Continue reading

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Skin Care and Make-up Mistakes that Age

I’ve written numerous blogs with the subject matter including skin care, how to apply make-up, what type of make-up to use on older skin types, what shades to use, etc. How about a list of what you SHOULDN’T do.

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10 Steps to Help Keep Your Energy Up during the Holidays

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Now the real work starts, Christmas is just around the corner.  So much to do to get ready for the Holidays and then there’s your normal day-to-day life including housework, shopping, entertaining, work, etc.  How to … Continue reading

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Nail Polishes That Are Actually Good for Your Nails

There are three polishes on the market today that are chemical-free and keep your nails healthy and strong.  Imagine, no cancer-causing chemicals.

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How To Give Drooping Eyes a Lift via Make-up

Your eye area, as you age, goes through changes.  You lose fat under your eyes which sometimes causes the veins underneath your eyes to show up as dark circles, or they can droop making you look tired when you’re completely … Continue reading

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Did You Vote Yet?

I have started about 6 very interesting and informative blogs but get halfway through and I’m right back to the election and Sandy.  The election is the 6th and my family who are in New Jersey came through without a … Continue reading

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