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A personal endorsement

A good many times I’ve included a product that will do the particular job I was describing, i.e., a good cream blush for dry skin, and I’ve tried it and liked the product or I wouldn’t have included the product … Continue reading

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Best Anti-aging Foods to Add Healthy Years to Your Life

You can’t stop aging but you can slow it up considerably by a more healthy approach to eating.  The following are foods that are readily available everywhere and can be worked into most everyone’s diet (allowing for allergies, of course).

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Using Makeup to Fake Perfect Skin

Prepping your skin properly:  Using a primer makes your skin smooth so that the foundation glides on.  However, the best way to include a primer without making too many layers (primer, sunscreen and foundation) is to use a multi-tasker to … Continue reading

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We all know tomatoes are on the list of Superfoods but did you know it can boost a woman’s internal SPF, making their skin less sensitive to ultraviolet light?  Researchers at the University of Manchester tested 20 women who incorporated … Continue reading

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Remove calluses once a week with a pumice stone on damp feet.  You can also prevent calluses by applying a tactic- or glycolic-acid exfoliation lotion or pad nightly.  Penetration of the acids, through the dead layers, help dissolve the dead … Continue reading

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