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Lipo – Do you really lose the fat?

A new study, led by Drs. Teri L Hernandez and Robert H. Eckel of the University of Colorado has an answer to that query and the news is not good.

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Home-grown Tip for Soft, Shiny Hair

My roommate, Kay,  has the most beautiful, shiny hair I’ve ever seen as well as being unbelievably soft to the touch.  The other day there was a large bottle of club soda on the kitchen table and I was told … Continue reading

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Here we go again with another chocolate study and more good news. England’s University of Reading (my

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What Should Your Daily Evening Routine Be?

There are three things you should always do every night before shutting out the light.  1.  Wash and Exfoliate: Wash with a gentle cleanser and make sure

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Things Dermatologists Should Tell You But Seldom Do

Work out:  Working out promotes your circulation and the flow of nutrients to your skin. Don’t tense your face or neck muscles:  When you tense these muscles you weaken them and promote sagging

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Thank you for all the emails about my absence

Thank you for all the emails asking why there has been a lapse in blogs.  I so appreciate your interest. If you’ve never been ’owned’ by a pet, you might not understand why I have been so distracted recently. 

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