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10 Steps to Help Keep Your Energy Up during the Holidays

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Now the real work starts, Christmas is just around the corner.  So much to do to get ready for the Holidays and then there’s your normal day-to-day life including housework, shopping, entertaining, work, etc.  How to … Continue reading

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Nail Polishes That Are Actually Good for Your Nails

There are three polishes on the market today that are chemical-free and keep your nails healthy and strong.  Imagine, no cancer-causing chemicals.

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How To Give Drooping Eyes a Lift via Make-up

Your eye area, as you age, goes through changes.  You lose fat under your eyes which sometimes causes the veins underneath your eyes to show up as dark circles, or they can droop making you look tired when you’re completely … Continue reading

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Did You Vote Yet?

I have started about 6 very interesting and informative blogs but get halfway through and I’m right back to the election and Sandy.  The election is the 6th and my family who are in New Jersey came through without a … Continue reading

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