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How to Show Off Your Waist and Create the Illusion of having a Hourglass Figure

Did you know that accentuating your waist can take 10 pounds off your body visually?  Or, it’s also a great way to take the eye away from other areas you would like to camouflage.

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3 Different Ways To Update Your Wardrobe This Weekend

Don’t hide behind jeans as usual but wear something that will put a bounce in your step this weekend.  When you’re shopping do you pass on dresses you love but feel are too short for you.  Try a tunic or … Continue reading

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How to Instantly Boost Your Energy In 8 Easy Steps

Did you know that yawning cools down your brain?  Wakes your brain up?  So yawn away. After a 10-minute walk you will feel energized for two hours.

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