I’m Back, Again……

we're adoptedOne of the worst things you can do when you have a blog and I love my blog, is to drop it for any length of time. Which, if you’ve been checking, is actually what I have done recently?

I didn’t stop writing and researching because I didn’t want to write but my life was turned upside down in so many ways. I’m hoping I, and my two elderly pups, keep it together from now on.

I had to move and just before the move my computer died, and I can’t live without my computer. Does anyone use a phone book any longer? Does anyone know where there is a phone book? Try and find a phone number or an address, or anything, when you’re computer is dead. It is so frustrating. Then there’s keeping in touch with the mover, packing, and in the middle of that, my Autumn started to have breathing difficulties. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of that. She is 20+ so I am panicking. She and her sister mean the world to me and we’ve been joined at the hip for over 11 years. Both are rescues and were in horrible condition with I met them so I guess any time left is a tremendous gift.But I’m back and I’ve got tons of new material and a couple of things that really work taking off inches on your stomach and thighs and really bringing back a y0uthful, smooth complexion. Hope you stick around for them.

Can’t do this without you. Keeping reading and sending in your comments. They are so important.

About Rescie

UCLA grad, English Major, animal lover, especially pitties and Chihuahuas, am a firm believer in always adopting, never buying pets. Hobbies include reading (love mystery novels with female Protagonists, a guilty pleasure), music (everything from classical to country-pop), movies, ocean, travel and, obviously, my wonderful workhorse computer. old cars (especially GTO Judges) and lastly, speed in any form; boats, cars, motorcycles.
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