Steps to Keeping Your Hands Smooth and Youthful

handsI hate my hands.  In fact, my hands look like they belong to two different women, my left to a woman 10 years older than the right one.  Okay, so I don’t always follow the advice from my research.  My left hand, from the untinted car windows and skipped sunscreen, is wrinkled, dull with ugly, dark veins.

Since the skin is thinner on the back of hands than on any other place on our body making the skin on the back of our hands  more apt to dry out.  To avoid having hands dry out, you must moisture constantly using lotions that are rich and contain body butter, shea butter, cocoa butter or even oatmeal.  Always have a bottle of hand conditioner handy, i.e., in your purse or glove box.

Like your face, the back of hand need to have dead skin cells removed.  A good way to accomplish is by using exfoliating creams or a salt scrub.  This will go a long way to keep the back of your hands looking smoother, younger.  You can also make your own exfoliating cream by mixing ½ cup of light-textured oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond, 1 cup fine (Baleine) sea salt or sugar which is gentler than salt, and a couple of drops of essential oil in your favorite scent and combine well.  This should be sufficient for 3 scrubs.

Avoid sun damage by applying sunscreen of at least SPF 30 in all types of weather.  As mentioned above, this is especially true when driving. Always wear gloves while gardening and washing dishes.  When drying your hands, always pat dry to avoid rubbing which pulls the skin and encourages wrinkling.

What you eat can also encourage younger looking skin on the back of your hands.  Vitamin A repairs skin tissue damage while vitamins C & E help repair sun damage.  For good nail health, ensure your diet includes 1,500 mg calcium.  Adding Vitamin B helps with nail thickness and Omega-3 tightens skin, preventing wrinkles

Always wear gloves when using hot water which robs hands of natural oils.  Gloves are also imperative when cleaning with chemicals and detergents or working in the garden.  Also wearing gloves in cold weather keeps your hands from chapping.

Pamper yourself occasionally by treating yourself with a salon manicure to clean and soften cuticles.  Your hands look younger when nails are evenly filed and polished in a stylish color. The massage included in the manicure encourages a healthy blood flow through hands to add a glow and keep them supple.

You might also want to indulge in a pair of moisturizing gloves that contain oils and minerals to wear at night.  Moisturizing gloves are available in a wide variety of prices; from $10.00 Spa Sister Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves, Lavender to $40 for Borghese Spa Mani Moisture Restoring.

To prevent stress injuries and aches, perform hand stretch exercises every day.  When you use hand grips you develop strength in your hands and rid yourself of stress in hands and forearms.  Using Chinese stress relief balls helps blood circulation and relieves any tense muscles in hands.

Your hands are always on display and show age faster than any other part of your body so it only makes sense to do everything you can do to keep them supple and smooth as long as you can.  I will not skip sunscreen again, that’s my promise to myself.  And now I’m heading out for a manicure.

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