How to Show Off Your Waist and Create the Illusion of having a Hourglass Figure

bordeauxDid you know that accentuating your waist can take 10 pounds off your body visually?  Or, it’s also a great way to take the eye away from other areas you would like to camouflage.

The fit of a wrap dress will also call attention to your waist.  You can find wrap dresses in casual and dressy styles which makes them perfect for any occasion.  They are typically one piece with one side wrapping around your torso which accentuates the smallest part of your waist while at the same time hiding a tummy bulge.  You can also find tops that wrap the same way as the wrap dress does that go beautifully with skirts or pants.  You can also wear a short wrap dress with tights and flat heeled boots for a chic outfit for Sunday brunch.

Belts also accentuate your waist.  However, depending on your figure type, you have to be careful when choosing a belt.  When you want to bring attention to your waist, a wide belt will do the job.  If you have a short torso, however, a wide belt will make you look even shorter.  With a shorter torso, your belt should narrow and worn around an inch below your bustline but never low on the waist or hips.  Wearing a belt too low will add pounds to your appearance.

Wearing a fitted jacket will also make your waist look smaller.  Just make sure that the jacket buttons where your natural waist is the smallest.

When wearing clothing that accentuates your waist you are creating the illusion of having a slim hourglass figure.

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