Lies Perpetrated On Women in the 50+ Age Range

gray hair laughingInvisibility:  Women will comprise 55% of the over 57 million baby boomers in 2030.  There will be enough women of our age range to make our voices heard and more and more women are doing just that, for example, unequal pay for women, equal advancement in the workplace, reproduction rights, along with many other subjects important to all women.  Invisible, hardly.

They are not the consumers that big companies want to attract:  While 18-34 demographic is the most popular consumer group for advertisers, the fastest growing demographic are the 50- to 64-year old group with the most money to spend of which the highest percent are women.  We vote with our wallets.  Women are also the largest group of small businesses owners.

We can’t maintain our body:   This probably started with marketers wanting to sell their weight loss and gym memberships.  But if you commit to eating healthy (and there are tons of information on this website to help you) and exercise, you can be in the best shape of your life.  And it doesn’t matter when you start, just start and commit.

We fight change:  After 50, we have so many changes we go through; menopause causes changes in our body, our kids grow up and have a life of their own. relationships change, we retire.  But, we are learning new things, starting businesses, making new relationships.  Women over 50 are the largest demographic group that accepts, relishes and understands change.  Women over 50 are demanding a vast change in the way they are viewed.

The first thing is to love yourself, enjoy your life, work hard to stay healthy (again, there is a wealth of information on this website on living a healthy lifestyle), learn how to handle your finances if you’re having trouble doing so, and when you’re out on the town, walk and feel confident.  Live with style and elan.  Do that and you will really relish life after 50.  50 and above is more than an age, it’s a movement.

To recap, I just finished reading an article titled “Are Older Women SuddenlyTrendy?” by Katie Becker.  betty whiteTo start with, my favorite person is Betty White.  Twenty-somethings couldn’t keep up with her and she’s still beautiful.  She’s 91 with TWO successful TV shows, makes movies, and was a wild success emceeing SNL. Just try to ignore her.

Then there’s Iris Apfel who recently designed a line of makeup for MAC, a collection of jewelry for HSN and a collection of handbags for Bloomingdales.  In her 90′s, no less.Iris-Apfel_650x435

Meet Jackie O’Shaughnessy, a 60-year with long grey hair and a ’knock ‘em dead’ body who is the new face of American Apparel.jackie o'shaughnessy




Then there are the women in Congress over 50 who are rapidly changing our country for the better.  To think women over 50 are going to continue to be ignored is having your head in the sand.

What do you think?


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