Having a feeling I’m being taken advantage of here

Strange how much an animal can mean to you.  And when they’re ill it tears you up, throws your life into a whirlwind and nothing seems to work right.  Right now my little Autumn has two problems:  two broken teeth, and a growth on her stomach.  The teeth are being taken care of but the growth is just too scary to contemplate.  So off to a Vet I go.  

After her examination I’m given an estimate from the Vet for over $1,000.  This includes a complete Senior Cancer Screening, compete set of x-rays of her mouth, and a complete blood workup.  Here’s the deal; she’s 15 years old; if the worst happens does that Vet honestly think I’m going to submit her to chemo?  Her mouth is so tiny and she only has about 5 teeth left, a complete set of x-rays of her mouth?  I am so upset over the possibility of losing the dearest thing I know and then to be ‘hustled’ by the vet is just too much.  It’s happened before but not to such a degree.  Not only that but the complete Senior Cancer workup includes putting her to sleep and a complete blood workup.  So two complete blood workups?  Right now her coat is shiny and she’s eating the canned dog food like it’s going out of style (although she’ll only eat if its fed to her by hand, such a prima donna, God love her) and all the weight has returned and the growth on her stomach seems to be shrinking.   

I am so angry but maybe later when the teeth are taken care of and I can stop begging her to eat and the growth disappears completely, I’ll look at it a different way but right now……….

Oh, the picture, that’s her usual pose.  If I’m working, she’s sleeping.  Has a great bed of her own but much prefers mine.

2 Responses to Having a feeling I’m being taken advantage of here

  1. Eleonor says:

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    • Rescie says:

      Thank your the kinds words. I’ve been absent for a while and now I’m back. I hope to have a lot of information and fun things on a daily basis. Please keep checking in.

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