Memories of 9/11

I’m sure everyone can just close their eyes and remember exactly where they were, how they felt and what their day was like on 9/11.

I’m from Jersey and to me the Towers were forever.  To have them destroyed was/is beyond my comprehension.  You drove into the City and there they were, forever.

That was one of the only days I didn’t start my day listening to Mark and Brian on KLOS.  I was running late and who should I run into as I’m leaving my apartment but my Apt. Mgr.  We traded some digs and just as I’m getting ready to say good-bye my neighbor across the way came out, crying, and said that the Towers were hit and were crumbling.  I looked at my manager and just shook my head. thinking she was either putting us on or was drunk.  But then another neighbor came out crying and then a horrible feeling came over me and I ran back into my apartment and turned on the TV.  And there it was. 

People holding hands and jumping, smoke, dust, confusion.  And my Towers on fire and crumbling.  Just too difficult to think about, even now.  The tower that is being planned is beautiful but it’s just not the same. 

Just as it’s not the same for all the cities and families that lost so many people.  I remember a picture of a railroad station parking lot full of cars from workers who were never going to drive them home.  And of the brave passengers on that plane that fought and died trying to take it back.

Reading about the artifacts of the workers in the Towers that were saved from the rubble and the illnesses of the firefighters and the policemen that raced in to save the workers in the Towers still makes me cry.  And the stories later about the politicians claiming that there was no danger still ticks me off.  

I was working for an adoption agency at the time and one of my adoptive mothers lived not too far from the Towers.  I called her and surprisingly got through.  She was first told to stay where she was but then she was told to vacate because the Tower was leaning and would hit her building when it went down.  She didn’t know it she could get out and if she did, what if the Tower fell on her.  Luckily, her husband found a back staircase and they got out and away.   

I still can’t believe my Towers are gone.  Even when I go back East and see the empty spot.

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