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 Welcome to Only A Number.  My fascination with keeping old Father Time at bay started me on a long journey on the internet researching information on all things anti-aging, i.e., skin care, cosmetics, proper exercise, and lastly, a healthy diet.  I was amazed at what I found and started emailing this information all my friends.  In fact, I became a royal pest about it.  In the meantime I started looking a lot younger, feeling great, and had more energy than I knew what to do with. 

But I still had to find an easier and faster way to get my friends onboard.  That’s when the website was born.  And it does work.  The more I learn and use in my personal life, the better I feel and the more information is put on the website.  Age really is only a number.

As for me personally, I live in Southern California, love the beach (never without sun block), changed my style of cooking to a more healthy version although occasionally I do fall back on some of my favorite Italian, Asian and/or Thai recipes.   Along with the beach and cooking I adore a good mystery, especially when the protagonist is female (love, love, love Janet Evanovich), cars, animals of all kinds (although I have to admit I do have a special love for Chihuahuas and pit bulls), music, (from opera to country-pop, but a special weakness for good old rock and roll), and a nice glass of red wine (and it’s good for you in moderation, but then again, aren’t most things good for you in moderation.) 

Very grateful for my readers and especially the ones that take the time to send in comments.  So a big thanks to all of you and keep coming back.  There’s always something new out there to share.


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