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Facts You Probably Don’t Know About What Causes Weight Gain and You Thought It Was Your Fault

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Scientists now say that gaining weight is not entirely due to overeating but a gene, what they used to call the fatso gene but now label as FTO (how sweet of them), is responsible for weight gain and being susceptible … Continue reading

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Keeping up your Energy Level and Avoid That Energy Down Swing During the Day

It’s normal to have energy swings but to avoid feeling tired most the time you probably will have to examine your daily habits and make some changes. Start off your day right – eat breakfast.  Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, keeping … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late to Get Fit, Feel and Look Great

Remember when you could eat anything and not gain an ounce?  Of course you were in your teens thru your 20’s way back when.  What most people forget is how active they were during those years and their metabolism was … Continue reading

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